Friday, August 5, 2011

Vacation T-shirts!

We've gone to Florida every year since Amelia was small and portable, and I'd encourage it as a vacation destination. The entire Orlando area caters to families. Every restaurant within 50 miles has a changing table, a kid's menu, and a family restroom.

Plus, I would highly recommend the theme parks. Pete and I are roller coaster junkies, and we're raising a little coaster fanatic, so the three of us can spend an entire week going from thrill ride to thrill ride.

As much as I love the parks, however, I despise the prices. At Disneyworld, you can spend $50 or more for a single T-shirt. So, in order to save a little money, I decided to make a few souvenirs before we even boarded the plane. Every day of our vacation, we had matching T-shirts, which I had made ahead of time on my embroidery machine.

There's a huge Dr. Seuss land at Universal Orlando, so these shirts were appropriate for our first day there. Why is Amelia Thing One? Because we let her choose.

The Fantastic Three!

These shirts are decorated with the Hogwart's crest. Mine reads "Slytherin Class of '93," Pete's reads "Hufflepuff Class of '88," and Amelia's reads "Gryffindor Class of '24."

I didn't actually make our Fourth of July Shirts, but I bedazzled mine and Amelia's. Pete passed on the bedazzling.

Amelia's "The Marshall Bunch" shirt doubled as a blanket for Baby Sister, who slept very nicely in the hotel's nightstand drawer.
Hopefully, it'll be a few years before Amelia starts thinking this is dorky. Right now, she loves matching with Mommy and Daddy and, as an added benefit, it makes her much easier to spot in a crowd of cookie-cutter shirts.